Pedro Carvalho

Founder and CEO of i2devlabs . Electronics engineer by education. Software developer by trade.

Aug 22
Only beer makes bearable working long hours with Excel…

Only beer makes bearable working long hours with Excel…

Mar 25

Setting up Postgresql in Play Framework 2.1

  1. Download the latest JDBC driver for Postgresql (it’s a jar file)
  2. Move the jar file to /lib (create /lib if it doesn’t exist)

This Stack Overflow question explains clearly how Play sets up the classpath.

Mar 23

Change PATH in zsh in OSX

Change to the PATH environment variable in zsh are done by editing the .zshrc file in your home directory.

Example: cd ~ vim .zshrc export PATH="/Users/pedrocarvalho/scala/bin:$PATH" export PATH="/Users/pedrocarvalho/play-2.1.0:$PATH"

Sep 15

Parallels 8 so much better than VMWare Fusion 5

Unhappy with the speed of my Windows 7 VM on Fusion, I decided to try Parallels 8. The difference is huge, Parallels is so much faster and doesn’t randomly hang Mac OS X. Now I just hope Parallels has a special pricing for a competitive upgrade.

Sep 12

Alt+Tab on Windows 7 VM on Parallels 8

After some trial and error I finally found the key combination on Parallels (Mac OS X Mountain Lion) to switch between apps on a Windows 7 VM:


Sep 2


Me and Luís in Benfica stadium rooting for a victory tonight

Me and Luís in Benfica stadium rooting for a victory tonight

Aug 30

From Pentadactyl to Vimperator

Today Firefox asked if I wanted to upgrade to version 15.0. I said yes, but after the upgrade, the Pentadactyl addon didn’t load because it isn’t compatible with this FF version. I searched, without success, for a solution. After reading this thread I decided to give Vimperator a try. It installed without a problem on Firefox 15 and so far, so good, I’m not feeling musch diference from Pentadactyl.

Aug 29

Updating Balsamiq Mockups on Mountain Lion

After installing the latest version of Balsamiq Mockups on Mountain Lion, I couldn’t open it because it wasn’t from an identified developer. To solve this I had to:

  1. open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy
  2. click the lock icon on the lower left
  3. on “Allow applications downloaded from:” click “Anywhere”

After doing this I was able to open Mockups.

Now, the surprising thing was that I reverted the “Allow applications from:” to “Mac App Store and identified developers” and I could still open Mockups. Once you open an app. it’s allowed to open no matter what security option currently selected. This is a nice touch and makes perfect sense.

virtualenv not working after upgrading to Mountain Lion

After upgrading from Mac OS X Lion to Mountain Lion, virtualenv stopped working. Following the advice here worked.

  1. upgrade Xcode from the App Store
  2. open Xcode, go to Preferences -> Downloads
  3. click Install next to Command Line Tools

After doing this I was able to use virtualenv again.

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